james kenneth hawkes • hawkman • 23 january, 1977 (39) • aquarius • born & raised in cairo, egypt • resides in: boston, ma • single • kinsey 1 • curator for harvard museum of history
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✧ both are egyptian experts in their fields of occupation
✧ both were born and raised in egypt at some point in hall's life
✧ both are widows in one form or another
✧ james once was tempted to join the priesthood


Blessing Carter Hall was a priest in a past life, and still possesses the ability to bless mundane objects. For example, by muttering a prayer in front of a building's sprinkler system, he was once able to convert the water into Holy Water in order to destroy a vampire.

Divine Empowerment Hawkman was granted the ability to breathe underwater, by the god Poseidon.

Reincarnation The Nth metal knife which murdered Hawkman in his original incarnation as Khufu had an unusual effect upon his soul and that of his lover Chay-Ara (Hawkgirl). The pair are locked in a seemingly endless cycle of death and rebirth throughout the centuries. While not a superhuman power per se, this propensity for reincarnation has allowed Hawkman to cheat death and return to active duty in his current incarnation.

Weaponry Due to his multiple incarnations and having memories of all of his past lives, Khufu/Hall has become proficient in many types of weaponry. As a result, he is an expert with a wide array of archaic weapons from his past lives, including battle axes, maces, swords, spears and shields. As Nighthawk, he was a marksman with a pistol. In addition, Carter Hall is sometimes depicted handling futuristic technology. He has used a Thanagarian ship called "The Brontadon", and during the Rann-Thanagar War used Rannian hard-light armor. Hawkman is even depicted using technologically advanced laser weaponry in a possible future.

Reincarnated Knowledge Due to his many lives and vast amount of experience, Hall is a brilliant tactician, fierce warrior, and strong leader. At the same time, however, he is extremely intelligent (considered a leader in his field of history and archaeology) and expresses a deeply romantic side in relation to his beloved soul-mate. Often, Carter finds it difficult to balance between the "barbarian" of his past lives and the "gentleman" of his current incarnation. He also has an extremely innovative approach to science and technology.

Nth Metal Belt & Boots Hawkman flies by way of an anti-gravity Belt & boots constructed from Thanagarian Nth Metal its abilities are controlled mentally.

Nth Metal Enhancement The metal is psycho-reactive, responding to its bearer's thoughts and in its base form has a number of electromagnetic/gravitational properties. Among these is the ability to generate a heat aura, sufficient to keep a man alive under Arctic conditions.

Nth Metal-induced Enhanced Strength Carter's strength level is increased by the Nth metal. Carter is capable of ripping a car door of its hinges with little effort.

Nth metal-induced Enhanced Durability Hawkman is able to withstand blows from superhuman opponents as powerful as Black Adam.

Enhanced Vision Hawkman can observe objects at great distances or at speeds faster than can be perceived by the normal eye. He once spotted Flash vibrating through a wall before he was visible. He can also count the flapping of a hummingbird's wings.

Artificial Feathered Wings His wings, which are laced with Nth metal, allow him to control navigation and guidance during flight, though they can be "flapped" through use of shoulder motions. He can reach an airspeed of 225 miles per hour, if not better.

Curse Every time he is born again he must wander the earth till he meets again with his eternal soul mate. But as soon as they form a deep bond, they are destined to be murdered again and it continues.

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